Maison du Peuple d’Europe

The Community House of Europe

For a civic and united Europe 


Joining MPEVH means adhering to its mission and its values.

Why become a member, supporter, or full member?
Become a full member (€ 25/year/person - € 100/year/association) and support MPEVH by transferring to the Crelan bank account BE14 1030 2902 8353, thank you!

Individual Citizen
By becoming a supporter member at the House of the People of Europe:

  1. You decide to adhere to the values of CHE and support our citizen initiatives, which aim to influence the European legislative process through participatory democracy for progress and social change. (Download and return the "filled out" and "signed" call by email to
  2. You stay informed by checking our website, our publications on Facebook and Twitter, about all important news  published by the effective partners of CHE.
  3. You can participate in activities organized by the members or effective partners of CHE, such as conferences, debates, meetings, or training sessions where you can participate, inform yourself, express yourself, produce results as a group, and engage in defending your cause.
  4. You can attend the annual general meeting as a guest (without voting rights).

By becoming a full member at the House of the People of Europe:

  1. You can participate in debates and decisions at the annual general meeting (with the right to speak and vote).

Engaged Citizens and Organizations (online registration)

By becoming a supporter member of MPEVH, you decide to become a committed partner in citizen lobbying with European institutions, the Belgian political sphere, and the associative world of civil society to participate in the legislative process of European competence, with the aim of social and democratic progress in Europe.

Your commitment allows you to defend the viewpoint of the members of your association, inform and actively participate in activities organized by MPEVH, and use these activities for your visibility and the advancement of your objectives.

An commitment as a full member also allows you to actively participate in general meetings, having access to the list of full members, perhaps even taking on responsibilities in a themed room or organizing meetings with our members, civil society, the political world, or European institutions.