Donate for migrants stranded in Bosnia-Erzegovina, on the border with Croatia​

Make a donation for migrants stranded in Bosnia-Erzegovina, on the border with Croatia Drop off your donation at the following address: Rue d´Arlon 104-1000 Brussels.

Call Pietro Emili (0485/925 681) or Nizija Hrustic (0465/469 277) to have the door opened.

Make your donations to account number BE96 1030 7253 0305.

To be done 5  march  at the latest!

30 km from Bihać, the capital of the Una-Sana canton in Bosnia-Hérzegovina and the town closest to the border with Croatia, migrants from the Lipa refugee camp are experiencing an unacceptable humanitarian disaster
After passing through North Macedonia and Serbia, or Albania and Montenegro, the refugees on the Balkan route seek to reach the region of Bihac, the gateway to the European Union. Today, nearly 8000 people are stranded in Bosnia and Herzegovina, almost half of them in emergency situation This is a « humanitarian disaster that could have been avoided if the Croatian and Bosnian authorities » had acted even before Christmas time ”

The solution is political.​

However, it is about saving the lives of hundreds of people. They brave the rain, wind, snow and 0 ° C mercury in the mountains.

Bruxellois, let’s load a truck with warm clothes, shoes, socks, for women, men, children, hygiene products, blankets, tents, imperishable food products
Deposit your donations before 5 march at the following address: Rue d’Arlon 104, 1000 Brussels,
Send your donations to MPEVH – Support for migrants
Account number: BE96 1030 7253 0305

House of the People of Europe (MPEVH)
Pietro Emili – Director

rue d’Arlon, 104- 1000 Brussels – Belgium
+32 (0) 2 387 44 05 – +32 (0) 485 92 56 81 –


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