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Informal Conference with media and European Think Tanks about resilience of Energy security and Connectivity in the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Brussels

Brussels, the 31st of March 2022

His Excellency Vaqif Sadiqov, Azerbaijan Ambassador ©Mpevh

His Excellency Vaqif Sadiqov, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Brussels, found it of great interest to hold an informal conference about resilience of Energy security and Connectivity in these changing times. He invited media and European Think Tanks, including the European Community House (Maison du Peuple d’Europe – MPEVH) represented by Professor Abolfazl Beheshti and Joan Delaney, both members of the Board of Directors, to share his views. The current situation lead him to emphasize that our world is enduring irreversible and drastic changes.
A new, post-1945 world order is emerging in front of our eyes. the impact of this formation is not likely to be short-term, and it’s going to affect the overall stability on the continent and all over the world. Its implications for political, economical and security policies will incite various parties to look for and to develop new energy routes.


Professor Beheshti is invited by the Armenian Government to discuss the situation in the Caucasus, the tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia, in April.


Professor Abolfazl Beheshti on the right ©Mpevh

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